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From:  Efe Imiren, Author and Publisher of Over Six Best Sellers

Title:   The Secrets Of Self-Publishing; The World's Best Business


Dear Book Author,


Most authors have no clue about the "ins" and "outs" of publishing, BUT


You Are About To Discover :

"How to Write, Publish And Turn A Book Into A Bestseller WITHOUT Using A Book Publisher or Literary Agent Guaranteed!”

The purpose of the DVD training I will talk to you about in the next few paragraphs is to show you what is involved in publishing and making a fortune from your books.

This DVD training will take you inside, introduce you to the terminology; methodology and the techniques of publishing. This training will give you the facts so that you will be well prepared for your future as an author and publisher of your books.


You alone will have control over the work. Not a word or a comma will be changed by anyone but you. You will be the only one responsible for its success or failure of your books. That kind of power is hard to come by if you insist on allowing thieving publishers and literary agents to handle all the work for you.


About Your Facilitators

Efe Imiren

Efe Imiren is widely considered Nigeria’s foremost and leading Female Information Publishing Expert. She is an Author, Trainer, Speaker, Consultant and Successful Entrepreneur. 

Efe started honing her entrepreneurship skills while an undergraduate and eventually turned her passion and ideas into a profitable business named ServiceForts Ltd. 

The ServiceForts brand name has grown into four major operations including ServiceForts Publishing, ServiceForts Technologies, ServiceForts Travels, and ServiceForts Business Academy. 

As an Author Efe has published six successful books, all of which can be found at major book stores like Bible Wonderland all across the nation.

Hear what Efe Has To say to You About Self Publishing:

I have never published or printed a book which was not first paid for by potential readers. NEVER. All my books went to the press AFTER subscribers and readers had paid money for its printing.


The thing is, unlike many authors who are more famous or have sold many, more books, I make a lot MORE money from my Books. That is because I developed a proven system for making BIG money on just a small number of book sales. You are about to learn from some very wealthy authors who are not as well known, but are making the big bucks with their books nonetheless.


Join me at in this DVD Training which took place LIVE at Lagos, Abuja, Warri and PH to Discover these Proven Systems of getting paid BEFORE you print your books and Making BIG money from small book sales.

Adekola Oyategbe

Adekola Oyategbe is a print media consultant, with more than 15 years of experience in the book production management and graphics designing industry.

He has published books, magazines, journals, and done all type of printing jobs for Big Names, Big Companies and Big Persons in this country.

He knows the "ins" and "outs" of the book production costs and industry. He has been in the trenches, and knows the right papers, the right cuttings, the right materials to use that will save you cost and not compromise on quality.

He knows what to do to print and publish your books for N50 per copy and yet stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any international book on any bookself worldwide.

Don't take my word for it, hear from some of his customers below:


When I decided to write my first book, I vowed I was going to publish it abroad because I didn't want to compromise on quality.

Then I met Adekola. I was blown away with the quality of his work. I'm not going to write any book again until I talk to him first.

When it comes to book publication, he's the best I know... And I've seen many of them!

Akin Alabi (The Internet Guru)
CEO, Founder And President

Fisayo Akinlolu
Author of





'Kola is your guy. I am a tough person to please as I want quality, quality and more quality.


And If there is anyone to learn from about doing books and making profits from it, I recommend you not just book a seat with him, I say listen to him.


For one second, Just imagine this….

You seeing your book on the shelf at Major Book stores in Nigeria


You seeing your book being sold on major world websites like and on smashing platforms like Kindle

You receiving letters and emails from all around the country, even around the world – all from people who read your book and just want to say “thank you.”

You having national newspapers and popular magazines write about you and
your book!

Your friends and family sitting in your family room watching you being interviewed on TV because of your book!

You opening your email everyday to find lots of orders and money – all from booksales and other income derived from your book!

You traveling to exciting destinations around the world – for business or pleasure because of your book

These are just some of the many benefits that come to those who write books.

And they can all be yours if you take the steps you will be learning from my training.

If you are interested in going from obscurity to impacting lives, and you want to be considered as an Authority in your own field, If you are interested in sharing your ideas with the world in the form of a book, and you want to enjoy fame and fortune while at it;

And you want to know How To Write, Publish and Turn Your Book Into A Bestseller Without Using A Book Publisher or Literary Agent . . . then this is going to be the most exciting message you are going to ever read.

Here’s why . . .

I Have Discovered The Three Biggest Reasons Why Most Writers Never Make Money, Let Alone Get Famous With Their Book

A book is a great way to establish your credibility so that people will hire you as a consultant, coach, or speaker But for past 100 years or so, Publishing Houses Have Been Spreading 3 Big Lies.

These lies which most people believed (including me) about writing and publishing is just not true. There are so many lies spread around by these guys just so they can remain relevant, it boggles the mind. The three most prevalent are:

Lie #1: The Only Way To Make It As A Best-Selling Author Is To Find A Publisher Who Will Publish Your Book In Print.

This is completely false. For many authors, trying to get published by traditional Publishers has been a nightmare. Sending a manuscript and waiting for ages before receiving a rejection note or nothing at all is no way to becoming a bestselling author.

Truth is, Book Publishers are notorious for only wanting to publish books written by already-popular authors and celebrities whose names they know will get the books sold.

They don’t want to take risks with new and non-established authors. If a Publisher receives a manuscript from Mallam Nasir El-Rufai or Wole Soyinka and one from you, who do you think they’d publish? Your guess is as good as mine.

So what should you do?

Take advantage of the internet and reading devices boom and use these new platforms that support and encourage new and independent authors. Sell your books via Amazon’s Kindle Store and Smashing Words.

These platforms have removed all the barriers that authors have faced in the past.

While Publishers have for years been the only way to become published, since the internet became popular in the 2000s, and with the growing popularity of Blackberrys, iPads, ePads, iPhones, Galaxy Tabs, Readers etc, the table has turned.

Now anyone can take their book and have it published in 7 days at most and in 30 days be pulling down thousands of sales guaranteed.

You don’t believe me?

Here’s a screenshot of my own book sales using the Kindle Publishing Platform for just one week!


I’ll show you how to create and market best-selling books via the Amazon Bookstore, Apple iStore, Barnes and Noble marketplace, Sony Reader Store etc and the many offbeat strategies to sell books like crazy! In about 30 days, you’ll have a best-selling book if you follow my guidelines.

Lie #2: You Have To Be A Great Writer To Have A Successful Book.

False too. Writing is just writing. To make a book successful and make money, you simply need to know the business of publishing, something I’ll show you how to do.

There’s at least one great book inside every human being. However, most best-selling books (including 2 of my own) are ghostwritten by others.

In fact, the guy who sold over one million books in 4 months last year, never wrote any of his books by himself ever.

He simply paid some people to do the writing for him and he then does the selling. I’ll show you how to find the writers (at surprisingly low cost) if you don’t want or don’t have the time to write it yourself.

Lie #3: You Need A Good Publisher Who Will Market Your Book For You

This is also completely false.

Publishers only distribute books and do little or nothing to market it. That’s the reason Publishers prefer to publish books by only established authors and celebrities in the first place; because they want to ride on these guys’ fame to push the book without much effort.

If they publish you, you have to market the book. Jeez, even established authors also market their books too. That’s why they do book launches, book signings etc.

If you have to market your book yourself, you should keep all the profits to yourself instead of getting just 5% royalty a Publisher will pay you.

It’s tough to find a Publisher as a new author. More and more authors are turning to self-publishing to get their name out and the money in.

Here’s the results of a writer friend who lives and writes from here in Nigeria. By the way, I coached him!


Imagine Being Able To Say, “I Wrote A Best Seller!”

Imagine if you had your book selling over the internet making thousands of Naira in royalties while you sleep.

Imagine being able to take your favourite hobby. . . “Writing Books” . . . and actually turning it into a profit-making business.

Imagine the excitement of selling your First Book with your Name on the Front Cover! It truly is possible, but you need to know how.

How Did We Do It, You Ask?

Again the answer is simple.

We took advantage of the little know secrets of Self-Publishing and

We also took advantage of the new and emerging internet platforms, The Kindle and Smashing Words (ePub) to publish our books.

Since I discovered the Kindle and Smashing Words (ePub) platforms in 2012, it has been like a God Sent to me.

Books I had written 8 or 9 years ago and which for years remained unpublished gathering dust have now all been published.

Thank God I didn’t throw away the manuscripts after I was rejected by Publisher after Publisher. These books now earn me a solid stream of revenue each month!

Wouldn’t You Too Like To Have The Kind of Results We Have?

If you listen to what I have to show you, here’s my offer to you:

  You will have your book published and selling to a world-wide audience in as little as 7-14 days.

  You will sell at least 1,000 copies your first month, (and thousands more afterwards.) This will easily earn you royalties of at least N175,000 or more at the end of this time.

  You will fulfill your dream of becoming a famous best-selling author and be known all over!

Isn’t This What You Want?

A few weeks ago, we held a LIVE Training where we revealed to participants how to use the internet to publish and sell your books taking advantage of the new publishing platforms to reach your writing dreams and goals. And I will also show you the rudiments of self publishing OFFLINE. I will show you the secrets of printing your books at ridiculous princes as low as N60 per book.

This LIVE Training that has been put into the 6Hours DVD called the Authors Training DVD covers nearly everything you need  to know about  how to write your book, publish it yourself, and have it sell thousands of copies every month.

And This is the ONLY training Available in Nigeria where we show you the rudiments of Self-Publishing BOTH Offline and Online. Don't Miss it because...

No holds barred, here’s what I’ll reveal:

   Here is Exactly What I'll Reveal

Module 1:

Book Planning And Setup

Before you can even begin to think about publishing your book, you need to first be clear on WHY you're doing it. In this module, you will discover the different purposes for writing a book, we will walk you through a process of selecting your book's topic and also setting up your accounts for offline and Online Publishing

In this module you'll discover things like:

How To Choose the sellable topic for your book

How To Develop your Writing Skills

How To Write A Best Selling Book In Less Than 90-days

How To Create A Winning and Profitable Title for Your Book

The Little Known Way to Figure out Who your Target Audience is.

How to create the all-important title which can make or break a book.

How to get into the ‘best-seller mindset’ which allows brand new authors to sell 5,000, 10,000 and even 20,000 or more books guaranteed!

REVEALED! The Simple FORMULAR for Determining Whether your book idea will be Successful . . . Before You Start writing . . . Trust me . . . This will save you HEAPS OF TIME and MONEY!  Reserve My Seat Now


Module 2:

Creating Your Book

Now that you know what to write about, it’s time to actually create your book. Here you will discover,

How To Determine who will write your book

    (You don’t have to write the book yourself, in fact even if you don’t feel qualified to be an author, or you are very busy, I'll show you the quickest way to have your own best selling book because it will reward you in many many ways than you can imagine.)

3 EASY ways I use to create powerful content in 3 days or less. As a beginner it’ll likely take you 7-14 days.

How to find other people who will write books for you for only $20 (=N=3,300) per book. Yes, they’ll write a complete unique book!

Where to Find All the Information you Need to Write your Own Book without paying a single Kobo for it!

A Proven System for Writing and Publishing Your Books Very Fast and Using Them to Acquire Tons of Customers And To Create Income

How To Write your book very FAST!

How To Create Profitable cover image for your book

How To Write a Killer Title Page

How To Copyright your book

Everything you always wanted to know about ISBN. What you need and how to obtain one within 1hrs.

How To Get ISBN Numbers For Your Books (Both Offline In Nigeria and Online if you don't want to leave your house)

 Reserve My DVD Now


Module 3:

Book Production And Costing

Book Structuring; the only secret that will give your book a standard and professional look.


How to estimate your production cost; with this secret alone you can make a lot of profit as a publisher or save a fortune as an author.


Step-by-Step description of what goes on when your book is made.


How to find an economical, high-quality printer to print your book.


How To Determine The Cost Of Printing Your Book


How To Get ISBN Numbers For Your Books (Both Offline In Nigeria and Online if you don't want to leave your house)


How To Get Your Books Printed for as Low as N50 per copy. Gosh this tip alone will save you loads and loads of money from thieving printers.  

Reserve My DVD Now


Module 4:

Internet, Book Marketing, And Advertising Strategies


What is the essence of writing a book that no one buys from you or having a warehouse full of the books you have just printed and you have absolutely no idea about how to sell them?


Napoleon Hill once said - Sell your way through life. It is exceedingly rare to find a wealthy person - Unless by inheritance - Who has not made him or herself into a Master salesperson.


Therefore in this module, you will discover:

How To Promote, Market And Sell Your Books

How to tap into the newest world of Internet and get credibility as an Author.

Why you need a Website as an Author and why this is crucial to your success as an Author. Plus how to build one in 4 simple steps.


  Discover The Secrets of Best Selling Authors


  How To Earn Over N1m per-annum with your books

How to write a book description that make readers click the ‘Buy Now’ button faster than you can say “Click.”

____________. DO NOT DO THIS! If you want to publish on other platforms other than the Kindle.

The one BIG mistake that will KILL your book. If you make this mistake, kiss your sales goodbye.

How to use KDP select to earn double your monthly royalty

How to market your books outside Amazon or iStore and shoot up your sales.

The one thing you MUST DO if you’re writing a fiction book (thriller, romance, mystery, erotica etc) to ensure you will become successful. Doing it the opposite way may work, but its hard-work. I hate hard-work. You should too

  How to utilize the best no-cost/low-cost marketing methods available today to market your book.

How to get free publicity in newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and the Internet for your book

How to make big profits marketing your book with tiny low-cost classified ads.

How to use speeches and seminars to your sell books like wild fire: Selling books is far more difficult than writing them (I am in the business of selling, let me show you how)

Online Marketing for Authors How to connect with enthusiastic, Loyal readers who read everything you write!

How To Make Your Readers Finance The Publishing of Your Books -
I have never published ANY book which has not been Paid For before going to press; come discover How -
The other day, I got a text message from someone asking for donation to sponsor the publishing of their book.

Absolute Nonsense.

Listen to me, Armed with the strategies you will discover at my training, You will kiss the life of Begging for Donations and Contributions  - Goodbye. And print all the books you ever want to publish WITHOUT begging for donations and aids!

The correct way to set up your ebook website for maximum profit on total “automatic-income-systems

How to sell your book in today’s hottest markets

Discover which types of ebooks sell best online and WHY

 Reserve My DVD Now



Module 5:

Book Pricing Strategies

How to price your books, right so you can have the highest amounts of royalties possible! (Sometimes you can flop with a low-priced book! Yes!)

How to get thousands of rabid reading fans who eagerly wait for you to write your next book, so they will buy it.

The hot-selling writing niches reader owners are buying right now.

How to create a killer book cover by yourself in 5 minutes or less guaranteed!

The Fastest Growing Fiction Genre that people are reading these days. Chances are you’re already writing books on it! And No, it’s not ‘Romance’!

GOLDMINE! How to sell your books to millions of people who can’t speak English

How to create “auto-income" streams at will with as many ebooks as you want (whenever you want)

Module 6:

Alternative Cost-Effective And Profitable Book Distribution Channels

How to find alternative distribution and sales for your book that are easier to secure and more lucrative than selling your book through bookstores.

How To Use a Secret Website to Get Your Book Listed on Major retailer websites likes Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders and UK retailers such as and Waterstones

How To Get Your Book Into Bookstores and Other Retailers

List of Major Nigerian Books Stores and How To Approach Them To Stock Your Books On Their Shelfs

 Reserve My DVD Now


Module 7:

Making Real Money From

Your Books

How To Use Your Book to Create Many Different Additional Sources Of Income

How To Turn Complaints Into Best Selling Books

How to Find the Money In Your Book Message

7 (Seven) Sure-Fire Steps To Self-Publishing Your Own Book and Making It a Bestseller

How to capture the names of people who buy your book and get them to buy from you again-and-again, for years to come.

How To Ensure You Get The Names, Emails and Phone Numbers of Any One Who Ever Buys or Reads Your Books

How To Become An International Best Selling Author

How To Start A Lucrative Publishing Business

     and so much more.

 Reserve My DVD Now


What Do You Love Writing About?

Health? Romance? War? Travel? Sports? Food? Real Estate? Gardening? Pets? Religion? You can make a fortune writing and publishing your book yourself.

My training reveals everything you need to start and become an international selling book publisher.


The Shocking Truth About Becoming A Best Selling Published Author

Someone once said, The only real power and the only real wealth for you as an author comes from the control and relationship with a customer—not from books, content, intellectual properties.

As an Author, I have created more wealth for myself as a Hands-on-Self-Published-Niche author than many Nigerians who have had hot bestsellers because I get the book buyer to get in direct contact with me and I know what to do with them when I get them.

I can point to at least 20 people using services from our various companies who found me by buying my book online and offline; who have since paid me over N50,000 each – that’s N1Million - just because I wrote a book, got it published and got it sold - all without a publisher or literary agent!

What Do You Think A LIVE Training Like This Is Worth?

Before we get into the training fee, hear this first


Three major things 
publishing your

books can do for you

Publishing is the only business in the world that can provide you these three things:

* Fame

* Fortune

* Immortality.

Your book(s) will live on forever, beyond your lifetime. I’m sure you’ll agree that leaving this kind of legacy is a beautiful thing.

To have someone do all this research for you would normally cost you around =N=138,600 (I should know, that’s what it cost me!). Particularly, pin-pointed accurate information like this – Specifically Designed to Push Authors from Obscurity to Celebrity, it should cost even more.

Everything is laid out in a Step-By-Step fashion, easy to follow and simple to implement. which is why our Live Training on Authors DVD, How To Write, Publish and Turn Your Book Into A Bestseller Without Using A Book Publisher or Literary Agent, is such a bargain to order for a fee of just =N=30,000.

That’s right, a fraction of what it has actually cost me to research and fine-tune into a working system. Why would I make it so affordable?

Why =N=30,000?

Simply because I know I have to help you get started immediately. I know you’d like to order for this DVD. And I know that if you follow the advice and secrets tips I’ll share with you in the training DVD,  it could really give you Amazing Results.

I don’t know how my team members talked me into giving out the DVD at =N=30,000. However, as a renowned writer and Publisher in my own right, and I feel a thing for budding writers; we reasoned that we know the experience of writers. Most of them are just getting started and asking them to pay =N=65,000 to have this material would be very heavy on them.

Finally after a lot of deliberation, we settled for =N=30,000. This makes it very affordable for anyone serious about becoming a successful writer, and it also does not cheapen the quality of the training.

No matter what, it’s a Bargain for you. And yes, we plan to raise the price to =N=65,000 the next time we publish this training DVD.  So you’ll have to be quick and take advantage to attend before the price will increase.

=N=30,000 is a drop in the ocean compared to what you could make by using these secrets.

But I’ll tell you what I’ll also do to make this the best investment in your future you’ll ever make. I’m going to give you some AMAZING BONUSES that are literally worth MUCH MUCH MORE in value, than what this LIVE TRAINING is selling for!


You Will Get The Following Writers’


 Resources FREE Of Charge!



Fast Action Bonus # 1:

Fast Registration Bonus #1: The Marshall Plan Novel Writing Software:

If you are a fiction writer, then this will be a blessing. The Marshall Plan Novel Writing Software practically writes your novel for you.

It will . . .

Determine the perfect length for the specific novel you're creating

  Shape a story idea tailored to your chosen genre

  Quickly create a three-dimensional lead character for your story

  Decide what genre and subgenre of novel are perfect for you

  Set a compelling story goal for your lead

  Create a strong, believable opposition for your lead

  Name your characters using a built-in library of over 7,000 male and female names with their meanings

  Decide whether a romantic involvement is right for your story and, if so, select the perfect character to take this role

  Populate your novel with intriguing secondary characters who are linked dynamically to your plot

  Build in "Surprises" - major turning points that drive your plot and keep readers turning the pages

Best of all, with the click of a button, you automatically generate a complete template of your novel. It will contain the correct number of scenes, divided appropriately among your viewpoint characters, all in their proper order.

Story points will be automatically positioned - from the crisis that precipitates your novel's primary action, to the story's major turning points, to the showdown, dark moment, climax, and denouement.

Open your novel template in your favourite word processor and like magic you have a document ready to be developed into a complete manuscript!

Value of Bonus: $298 (=N= 49,170)

Reserve My DVD Now




Fast Action Bonus # 2:

Fast Registration Bonus #2: Kickstart Kindle Promotion: The 10 Step Plan To Accelerate Your Sales by Amy Harop

This is a course that shows you everything you need to know about selling your books on the Amazon Kindle platform, EVERYTHING!

Inside you’ll learn

A simple 10 step plan to promote your Kindle books.

Easy ways to increase your book exposure.

A replicable system for every book published that does most of the work for you.

Visual instructions that walk you through each step of the process!

The Ability to easily outsource part or all of your efforts.

And it doesn’t matter if you are a fiction or non-fiction writer. It works both ways!

Value of Bonus: $47 (=N= 7,755)

Reserve My DVD Now



Fast Action Bonus # 3:

Fast Registration Bonus #3: The Bestseller Book Publishers Resources List

This is a collection of pre-formatted templates, publishing checklists, writer website links, book marketing sources and other material that have we have used and which have proven to be life-savers for me.

You want to format a book? Just copy and paste your typewritten content into the pre-formatted template.

You want to learn from successful authors? Just click on one of the website links provided.

You want to do a promotion for your book? It’s all inside this resources database.

Value of Bonus: $30 (=N= 5,000)



Fast Action Bonus # 4:

Fast Registration Bonus #4: The Publishers' ToolBox Kit

This is a collection of must-have rolodexes, resources and reference materials used by successful money-making authors.

List of ISBN Offices In Nigeria
Sample Application Letter for ISBN
Step By Step Guide On Requirements To Get an ISBN
eBook - The 7 Key Differences Between Rich and Poor Authors

How To Sell 100  Books A Day

Value of Bonus: (=N= 25,000)


That’s =N= 86,925 In FREE Bonuses!

Wow . . .  that’s some list of Bonuses right?

You get all the FREE When You Register for The Trainging

They’re each worth ever kobo I paid for them, but hey, they’re yours for FREE if you register fast enough!

We’re giving those bonuses just to the first 20 writers who register. It’s part of a marketing test we’re doing. If you want them, register quick.

And Wait! That’s Not All!

Now I wouldn’t dream of having you invest your money without having any protection. What if I’m just full of gas? What if I’m just talking about something I haven’t done myself? What if you paid and end up disappointed with the training?

There should be a way for you to be sure you and your money is protected incase, don’t you think?

I want you to feel comfortable coming for this LIVE training. I believe so much in my ability to turn you into a best-selling author. So much I’ll put my reputation at stake and protect you at the same time. This is why I’ll take all the risks away from you by offering you


"I'll Guarantee You'll Make Money

With Your Books!"


I know what you’re probably thinking. What if this doesn’t work for me? That’s the reason I’ve guaranteed the course. I’m going to give you my full 6 months guarantee, as a matter of fact.

     I know it sounds ridiculous, but you can attend our training and get the DVDs. You can listen to it, you can watch it, you can even rip it off and copy it, I guess, if you wanted to, if you’re a dishonest person – but I know you’re not – and still ask for a refund. But if you still do this, no problem.

Let us know anytime within six months exactly what steps of the training you followed on that absolutely didn’t work for you and you will a full refund. It’s that simple. That’s how much I know this information is going to be valuable to you.

     No questions asked; no small print; that’s a guarantee for a full 6 months, 182 days. Even if it’s on the last day, we’ll refund 100% of your money if you’re not 100% satisfied. Is that fair enough?


Why am I making such an

Outrageous Promise of a guarantee?


Simple. You’re my client and I want to win your confidence. I want you to have no worries coming for this LIVE Training. I have done what I’ll teach you many times over and have perfected the system. You don’t need worry. However, if you think, otherwise, I will happily fulfill the promises above. So have no fear at all. You’re in safe hands.

That’s fair enough, don’t you agree?


This Training is NOT for Every Body...And Here is Why

A consultant once asked Robert Kiyosaki, why he wrote his book Rich Dad Poor Dad. And Robert simply replied -  “I wrote my book to sell my game.”

When people read his book, many of them will be prompted to buy his game, Cash Flow for $150.00. Then he takes it a step further by offering “Rich Dad” seminars for $5,000 to people who want additional instruction on the principles he presents in his books.

Let us come back to the home front, I have interesting books on Importation Business. When people read my importation business book, they ultimately order for my home study course which is N30,000; then they also attend my importation business seminar which is N30,000 and then they also join our tour package to China for N950,000.

So from one book which cost just about N500; I get an additional income of close to N1million; just from ONE book!

This program is not for you if you don't have some kind of expertise you can market along with the book. but don't worry, if you are willing to discover the expertise in the book you have written, we'll open your eyes to it in this DVD training program.

You are going to learn a lot about selling more books WITHOUT a thieving publisher collecting your royalties. Because the real money is in offering people other things in your book that can make you a lot more money.

This program is not for you - if you are the type that knows it all and has seen it all. Even if you have already published your book and are very successful with it, allow me caution you about thinking you know it all.

The publishing industry is changing rapidly. And you seizing this opportunity to learn cutting edge strategies and book promotion secrets will prove to be worth your time and investment. The more success you have already had, the more it can be multiplied by the techniques and strategies you will learn from me and my team.

But, I don’t want to deal with ego maniacs. This program is about successful authors helping other authors. If you don’t want to play, stay home.


We Have Room for

Only 50 Orders


There is at least one best-selling book inside you. This is your chance to make it come out and make money with it.

And with the secrets we’ll show you in our DVD Training, you’ll get the answers you need. . . PLUS MORE. Now you can only get this kind of DVD training from us here in Nigeria. It’s not available anywhere else in the country, online or offline – not in the format I present it.

If you’re Serious, about How To Write, Publish and Turn Your Book Into A Bestseller Without Using A Book Publisher or Literary Agent, then don’t miss this DVD training. It will give you an advantage like no other.


HOW TO Order For

Authors DVD And

Resource Materials

 Order Deadline is May 27, 2015


Step 1: Send an SMS with your Name + Email + GSM + Code: “Authours-CD” + Date you are making payment to 0803 297 8011 before May 27, 2015 .



Step 2: Head straight to the bank and pay N30,000 yes, that's right, Thirty Thousand Naira Only. If you chose to pay at our office, it is N35,000.


Account Name:         ServiceForts Business Academy

GTBank Account Number:    001 141 2778
First Bank Account Number:  201 679 1231



Step 3: Send an EMAIL with Your FULL Name + Email + GSM + Teller Number + Name on the teller + Bank Paid to + Name of Account Paid To + Your Delivery Address + code

Authors-CD” to payments @


Title of the email - "Paid for Authors-CD"


Please Note: delivery is by Nigeria National Registered Mail. If you prefer an express delivery channel, call our office number above to know the current price for express courier service.


Step 4: Once we have verified your payment, we will deliver the Authors Training CD to the address you have provided Us. And you too can soon make this Authors' DVD Training your blueprint to get the most out of your Publishing and Writing business life.


Using my book publishing DVD training and sales system, you are setting yourself up to win BIG TIME in this game, plus you are setting yourself up to quickly recoup your investments in your DVD as little as 90 days...when you do all that you'll learn in this DVD training.


Can You Look Your Friends In The Eyeballs And Confidently Tell Them You Make A Full-Time Income From Your Books As Of TODAY??

Are you confident that you are going to be able to make a good living from your book this year, five years from now and even ten years from now without begging, borrowing or doing some full-time job that is a lot less enjoyable??

If your answer is NO, or you are not even close to being sure, then don't miss my Money-Making Authors DVD Training Program; where I will show you how to easily re-program what you are doing so you can make a good full-time earning from your book without depending on any publisher or literary agent.

Hey you know what? If you have a question about anything at all, just call me now on 0803 297 8011 and speak to me in person!

Wishing you great book publishing success,


Efe Imiren

Internet CEO, Publisher & Author

P.S. Don’t forget, to be among those who will receive the FREE bonuses, you MUST be among the first 20 people to order for this LIVE DVD Training. The bonuses are three in number and are worth (N86,925). Plus Everything you need to write, publish and sell your own book you get FREE! If you’re Number 21 and above, you’ll miss out on it all. So hurry now and register. Reserve My DVD Now

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